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Beki Haley  (January 9-10, 2021)











Beki Haley has been in love with beads for over 50 years now. She was introduced to the amazing art form of seed bead weaving by her grandmother when she was a child. That early start in exploring the intricacy and fine detail that can be attained with seed beads has stayed with Beki throughout her life. Even as a young teen, Beki loved teaching others all the beautiful things that can be created with beads. She has over 30 years of teaching experience in several different venues from large auditorium settings to intimate one-on-one classes and everything in between.

Training as a classic silversmith at a young age gave Beki an appreciation and understanding of the art and beauty of jewelry design. Beki uses those formal skills to teach the technical aspects of jewelry design. In her classes, the students learn the importance of attention to detail and craftsmanship while exploring their natural creativity.

During any stressful time in her life, Beki turns to her beads for comfort and calm. The meditative action of beading is the perfect tool to bring peace and joy to her otherwise busy and chaotic life. Sharing that joy by teaching others how to create with beads is a blessing beyond measure.

She has been published in many books and magazines over the years and hopes to find the time someday to write her own book.


Ravenna – Class fee: $75 paid to Pam Garbig.          Kit fee: $105 billed by Beki Haley.
Skill Level: Intermediate
Duration: Saturday, January 9. Full Day (11am - 5pm EST) (1hr break)  


Description: Ravenna  features a custom made cabochon by artist Rachel Spence-Hungary  surrounded by sparkling Swarovski crystals. This cabochon will be  bezeled using Hubble Stitch with a unique embellishing technique. The band is flat Hubble Stitch heavily embellished with crystals and  pearls. 
Students will Learn: A bezeling technique with Tubular Hubble stitch and embellishment  techniques; Flat Hubble Stitch; proper findings attachments. Spark your creativity with discussions on the unlimited variations with these  techniques.                    
Prerequisites: None
Project will not be completed in class. 


Sabrina – Class fee: $75 paid to Pam Garbig.           Kit fee: $78 billed by Beki Haley.
Skill Level: Intermediate + Must have a working knowledge of CRAW
Duration: Sunday, January 10.
 Full Day (11am - 5pm EST) (1hr break)  

Description: Sabrina has a beautifully bezeled Swarovski Navette stone in Embellished CRAW, a Peyote Petaled Pearl Flower and another oldie but goodie from my  repertoire of days gone by....Graduated Spiral Rope.
A fun project open for lots of color combination and a skill set in beadweaving techniques that you can apply to many other projects.
Students will Learn: Bezel using Embellished CRAW; bezel a small round bead and embellish with layers of Peyote petals;

graduated Spiral Rope; color placement.

Prerequisites: Ability to work with 15/0 seed beads helpful.  Working knowledge of Cubic Right Angle Weave.

Project will not be completed in class.