Classes paid by CASH only.  Please allow time to purchase your class supplies before the start of class.  Minimum enrollment will apply for most classes.  Join in the fun.


Class level definitions: Beginner means you have never done anything in that technique before. Advanced Beginner means that you have done a couple projects in that technique or in a specific stitch or weave but still are pretty new to the technique.  This is the level often used when a student MUST know basic peyote to take the next level class. Intermediate means you are familiar with the technique and comfortable with basic skills required to follow the instructions. Advanced means that you are proficient with the technique and want to expand your knowledge. 

All Levels means that everyone should enjoy the technique from beginner to advanced.  This class level definition is generates a mix of students learning a fun new technique not requiring any particular skill.

March 19, 2020, Thursday, 11-2. Irish Tweed bracelet with Marcia. Must have Peyote base done the long way for this class, thirteen beads wide.

March 25, 2020, Wednesday, 11-2. Sparkle up Herringbone. Two part class with Marcia Balonis. Herringbone stitch, should be familiar.

March 26, 2020, Thursday, 11-2. X factor chain maille bracelet with Kathy Sisco intermediate. This class has homework. It needs to be finished and brought to class. If you know how to do right angle weave you can pick the instructions up at the shop. If not sure what to do sign up for open beading on 3/13 and Kathy will be there from 10-12 to help. $30

March 30, 2020, Friday, 11-2. Basic Peyote bracelet, taught by Cat Wiggs. Learn the basic peyote stitch which is used in many patterns. You will learn to bead with needle and thread. Learn to add a new thread and weave off an old thread. Choose between the two designs below. When you sign up for class, please note which design you want to make, the black/silver bracelet or the embellished bracelet. Designed for beginners. $25

April 16, 2020, Thursday, 11-2. Starfish with Marcia. Must know Peyote, herringbone helpful. $20

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