Our instructors


Marcia Balonis, national instructor, designer and published in beading magazines.


Kathy Sisco, chain maille artist who also dabbles in bead weaving and other classic jewelry.

Our Classes

Owner, Pamela Garbig -, teaches Bead Embroidery once a month with an occasional extra class.

Kathy Sisco - normally teaches Chain Maille once a week featuring a different pattern each week.  She is available for special requests.

Marcia Balonis - normally teaches three times a month with one week being an open beading session.  Her work features bead weaving and often includes classes she is teaching at National conventions.

Cat Wiggs - teaches bead weaving with bling and Peyote

Owner, Pamela Garbig, main instuctor for Bead Embroidery.

Cat Wiggs, bead weaving instructor, specializing in peyote and bracelets with lots of bling.  Cat will be doing the word chart classes.